Birds On Chandelier

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dating Mood

      All prepared for my date with Hubby and my colleagues. ... well, double and tripple dates with the colleagues to watch Avengers last week. While waiting for Hubby who just got back from work to get ready, I snapped a few photos of myself to kill the time. Guess what?? The moment he saw me, he insisted that I change my outfit and shawl altogether. Spoiled!! Arrrghhhh!! He is always wrong right (rolling my eyes). My dating mood was blown away!!

Colleagues Cartoon Portraits

                                                                                                             ~Sugar LipS


             ~Pok CheK~
                                                                     ~Chie Iqa~
      ~JeMi a.k.a Mak Jemah~

~ AyuB~


                                             ~Linda Martopo~

~Aima A.k.a MeliSsa Saila~

                                                                                                         ~Nasa a.k.a Sudin~