Birds On Chandelier

Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Addiction

My weekends are no longer wasted now that Hubby and I have Kinect XBox 360 at home. Within one month, we have more than 20 CDs of games in our collection. With Kinect XBox 360, you can play as well as exercise while having fun with your family and friends. A lot of movements may burn your calories and enhance your health condition. Of all the games that we have, I love to play tennis the most besides dancing of course. My body stamina has been increased lately and I feel a bit lighter in a sense that I could wake up early in the morning before going to work and still feel very energetic during the day. I just added "The Biggest Loser" CDs in the collection. Hubby expects me to undergo the personal program enclosed and reach my chief target which is to get slimmer and 'mantop'. Go Scha Go!! \(^0^)/

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rotten Agenda

Never did i realize that there are 'thousands of differences' between working under the government and the private sector. The former's focal attention is the students' education itself while the latter's concern is of course its own pocket money. As an educator, i find this reality as very much disturbing. Students are not treated fairly in getting the rights to claim such comfort in studying and just treament when related to money. Students are likely to invest on some shit in their quest to obtain even a diploma.

I am solely refering to my workplace. In case if this phenomenal is not generalized, please dismiss my lament. I feel sorry to myself, to my colleagues and even more the students undoubtedly. Everything in my workplace is nothing but crap. Frankly speaking, having those people who are not academicians themselves to run the institution, the results are overwhelming with negative effects. Instead of sticking to the institute's vision and mission, the authorities applie d their own agendas which is making lots and lots of profits for the sake of their family members to live exclusively.

Islam is merely on the surface and stated matter of factly on the IC and papers. Where is the justice for the students? Im getting sick and tired with the dirty politics from day to day. Can't wait to spread my wings and fly away from the terrible workplace. I pretty much hope that the education field will stay clean and clear from corrupted people who would be better off somewhere in jail. Robbing people's money and telling white lies are totally off the limit. Only one word for me to say: Justice should be prevailed.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Oh My

It's already been more than a month working in my new workplace. So many unexpected things had happened. Well, im not complaining. Just an understated statement. But still...the issues such as Politics... Weak or poor management system... just the same old things. BorrrRRRiiNNNGG!! or should i rather say FrustraTiNG??

Forget about work and never ending stress, im now extremely affected by lots of issues especially concerning of pregnancies. Why?? Malays...whether they are single or married, young or old, with the same old orthodox, there is no way of escaping their irritating interrogations. If I could burn a hole through the wall everytime they shoot me with such question, I would simply dash towards the hole and vanish into thin air. Ha ha ha...What a wish.