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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Frankly saying, I think or it would be definite to just say that I have lost hours and hours of my time on Facebook. It is totally sad isn't it? A loss..big loss.. Poor me and yeah poor to those who simply let their time wasted on this social network utility. Looking at my FB timeline, I had my account activated since 2008 and now it has been 4 years I have been exposing my private life to a large number of friends or people that I have never known in my entire life. Every ups and downs, pictures, feelings are all shared whether I realize it or not. How manipulative this utility is. I was once a shy person or rather introvert but the existence of such thing gets me evolving and changing into someone that the old me would have not recognized. Surprise surprise...

Nevertheless, there are things that I intentionally published for the sake of "Sharing is caring". Lucky that I still am able to control myself from updating my status with words of hatred, criticism, gossips and what nots...It is just not my style to put my heart on my mouth but there are a few negative remarks slipped even when I was under fully concious though. What can I bad...

If I have nothing to say and share, I'd scroll the window and spend my time reading on friends' updates. When there are pictures, usually without thinking twice, I'd clicked on one picture after another until I'd viewed the whole collections in the album. Oh my goodness, I unconsciously have made myself become a stalker. I wanna ask you, is that a good thing?? Of course NOT!! You may say or give whatever reasons but it is just not right to dig stories about certain people (especially those who you consider as enemies) and later brag about them with close friends who may later spread the stories which later turned into gossips to lots of other friends. And they would probably begin the story by saying, " There is a friend of a friend of a friend of mine...bla ..bla...bla.." Totally not cool for a person like me...oh god, now i feel really bad about myself. Needless to say, I have gained nothing for behaving such way. Na-da...

Only one word tells it all: WASTED!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back On the BloG

Life has never been gentle to me these past couple of months. Too many ups and downs. Some were expected but some weren't. Shit happens. A part of me wanting to write it here in this blog and share with you but another part of me keep saying that "Let bygones be bygones". I stick with the latter. No need to share them here. Neeway, things happen for a reason, aren't they? Guess what matters the most is to stand up after the fall and keep moving forward....

Yet, there are too many things that I want to do at a time...Too many dreams to be fulfilled....Too many ...there are just too many....though I have to take one step at a time to do one single thing after another..  first and foremost, the thing that I want to change and must change is my personality and attitude!! I'm aiming for polishing my soft skills to the optimum. Yes, you heard me. I need to learn HOW to talk, listen and act the right way...Other things will follow suit.

 Let's hope for better future everyone!! Im back on blogging and this time around, i mean business. Whatever that means, cheers!!!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Newfound Interest

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

I did silly things while asleep

Needless to say, I know it is nothing new to share....everyone may experience the same thing. ever!

I think it wouldnt be necessary to make a long list here. However, I have a few that I want to share. 

1. I was in my teen years..couldn't exactly remember when. I dreamt about my mom and my dad fought with each other. Resulted to that incident, my mom decided to leave my siblings and I behind. In my dream, I watched her slowly walked away and there stood me right in front of our house gate crying like mad. I was shouting after her name between tears and wailing. I was really upset and the tears I shed in my dreams came real. The sounds of my own sobbing woke me up. I was mind-blown at first not knowing where i was, what had happened and why I was sad. It took me a few minutes to breathe normally and started to recall what I had just experienced. I was really scared but at the same time felt relieved that it was just a dream. The reality washed in. I remembered I thanked Allah that my family was still together.

2. During my stay in Zaaba, one of the hostels in UKM with my friends, I once again did silly things while asleep. Earlier in the day, I was in my late evening class around 6PM. The lecturer had called the day off, and the others in class gathered their stuff before dismissed each other. I was the first to step out from the front door only to find 3 wild monkeys scattered outside. They were surprised to see me and so did I. Speaking of " Terkejut beruk aku" and "Terkejut aku beruk." Ha-ha.

I had a really bad experience with family of monkeys a.k.a Michaels back in MRSM Taiping. Eversince, I have a despiteful feeling towards all types of monkeys. Being there at the moment staring at each other (cant believe that I actually stared at one of the monkeys' eyes) made me went like "Oh no....don't attack me...Go away from me....goooo!!!" in silent.  I wished that I had the gut to shout out loud at them monkeys and scare them away or even chase them away....but I didnt. I got myself back into the classroom and panicked. My classmates managed to clear off the hallway from the bad..bad monkeys. Thanks to them I managed to get into my car and drove safely back to the hostel.

Late that night, while my three  friends were still wide awake doing their assignments, I was already asleep. In my dream, I met the same group of monkeys and to my surprise, this time I had the gut to act out those things I had wished to do earlier. I was screaming like hell. Never did I know that the moment I dreamt the shouting part, my voice was projected in my sleep and it startled my three friends. Of course they were taken by surprise. I heard them talking about me and I forced my eyes to stay close and pretended to stay asleep. The next morning, I pulled myself together and asked my friends if they happened to hear me shouting. They did say yes and eventhough I was embarrassed, we laughed about it. Tell me who's not??

3. I was dreaming about a guy...a bad guy last night. Couldn't recall what he had done to me in my sleep but i remembered the part when I called him "Jantan x guna" over and over again (blame thanks to one of the Maharaja Lawak Mega participants) and I knocked him down, kicking and punching him like a mad woman. The next thing I know, I scratched my Hubby's chest really hard. His yelp of pain woke me. I saw my right hand on his chest and got it connected to my dream. Oh my gosh!! I unintentionally attacked my Hubby. I kept apologizing him for the incident. My bad...Ha-ha.

I hope these silly things I did while I was still sleeping may stop sooner or later. It has to stop before I hurt my significant other even worse...ha-ha..not funny.