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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Frankly saying, I think or it would be definite to just say that I have lost hours and hours of my time on Facebook. It is totally sad isn't it? A loss..big loss.. Poor me and yeah poor to those who simply let their time wasted on this social network utility. Looking at my FB timeline, I had my account activated since 2008 and now it has been 4 years I have been exposing my private life to a large number of friends or people that I have never known in my entire life. Every ups and downs, pictures, feelings are all shared whether I realize it or not. How manipulative this utility is. I was once a shy person or rather introvert but the existence of such thing gets me evolving and changing into someone that the old me would have not recognized. Surprise surprise...

Nevertheless, there are things that I intentionally published for the sake of "Sharing is caring". Lucky that I still am able to control myself from updating my status with words of hatred, criticism, gossips and what nots...It is just not my style to put my heart on my mouth but there are a few negative remarks slipped even when I was under fully concious though. What can I bad...

If I have nothing to say and share, I'd scroll the window and spend my time reading on friends' updates. When there are pictures, usually without thinking twice, I'd clicked on one picture after another until I'd viewed the whole collections in the album. Oh my goodness, I unconsciously have made myself become a stalker. I wanna ask you, is that a good thing?? Of course NOT!! You may say or give whatever reasons but it is just not right to dig stories about certain people (especially those who you consider as enemies) and later brag about them with close friends who may later spread the stories which later turned into gossips to lots of other friends. And they would probably begin the story by saying, " There is a friend of a friend of a friend of mine...bla ..bla...bla.." Totally not cool for a person like me...oh god, now i feel really bad about myself. Needless to say, I have gained nothing for behaving such way. Na-da...

Only one word tells it all: WASTED!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back On the BloG

Life has never been gentle to me these past couple of months. Too many ups and downs. Some were expected but some weren't. Shit happens. A part of me wanting to write it here in this blog and share with you but another part of me keep saying that "Let bygones be bygones". I stick with the latter. No need to share them here. Neeway, things happen for a reason, aren't they? Guess what matters the most is to stand up after the fall and keep moving forward....

Yet, there are too many things that I want to do at a time...Too many dreams to be fulfilled....Too many ...there are just too many....though I have to take one step at a time to do one single thing after another..  first and foremost, the thing that I want to change and must change is my personality and attitude!! I'm aiming for polishing my soft skills to the optimum. Yes, you heard me. I need to learn HOW to talk, listen and act the right way...Other things will follow suit.

 Let's hope for better future everyone!! Im back on blogging and this time around, i mean business. Whatever that means, cheers!!!

BBQ di Pantai Kemasik

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Newfound Interest

                                                        Abah's Seasoned Gardening Shoes

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              You'll see more of my production ....


Thursday, December 1, 2011

I did silly things while asleep

Needless to say, I know it is nothing new to share....everyone may experience the same thing. ever!

I think it wouldnt be necessary to make a long list here. However, I have a few that I want to share. 

1. I was in my teen years..couldn't exactly remember when. I dreamt about my mom and my dad fought with each other. Resulted to that incident, my mom decided to leave my siblings and I behind. In my dream, I watched her slowly walked away and there stood me right in front of our house gate crying like mad. I was shouting after her name between tears and wailing. I was really upset and the tears I shed in my dreams came real. The sounds of my own sobbing woke me up. I was mind-blown at first not knowing where i was, what had happened and why I was sad. It took me a few minutes to breathe normally and started to recall what I had just experienced. I was really scared but at the same time felt relieved that it was just a dream. The reality washed in. I remembered I thanked Allah that my family was still together.

2. During my stay in Zaaba, one of the hostels in UKM with my friends, I once again did silly things while asleep. Earlier in the day, I was in my late evening class around 6PM. The lecturer had called the day off, and the others in class gathered their stuff before dismissed each other. I was the first to step out from the front door only to find 3 wild monkeys scattered outside. They were surprised to see me and so did I. Speaking of " Terkejut beruk aku" and "Terkejut aku beruk." Ha-ha.

I had a really bad experience with family of monkeys a.k.a Michaels back in MRSM Taiping. Eversince, I have a despiteful feeling towards all types of monkeys. Being there at the moment staring at each other (cant believe that I actually stared at one of the monkeys' eyes) made me went like "Oh no....don't attack me...Go away from me....goooo!!!" in silent.  I wished that I had the gut to shout out loud at them monkeys and scare them away or even chase them away....but I didnt. I got myself back into the classroom and panicked. My classmates managed to clear off the hallway from the bad..bad monkeys. Thanks to them I managed to get into my car and drove safely back to the hostel.

Late that night, while my three  friends were still wide awake doing their assignments, I was already asleep. In my dream, I met the same group of monkeys and to my surprise, this time I had the gut to act out those things I had wished to do earlier. I was screaming like hell. Never did I know that the moment I dreamt the shouting part, my voice was projected in my sleep and it startled my three friends. Of course they were taken by surprise. I heard them talking about me and I forced my eyes to stay close and pretended to stay asleep. The next morning, I pulled myself together and asked my friends if they happened to hear me shouting. They did say yes and eventhough I was embarrassed, we laughed about it. Tell me who's not??

3. I was dreaming about a guy...a bad guy last night. Couldn't recall what he had done to me in my sleep but i remembered the part when I called him "Jantan x guna" over and over again (blame thanks to one of the Maharaja Lawak Mega participants) and I knocked him down, kicking and punching him like a mad woman. The next thing I know, I scratched my Hubby's chest really hard. His yelp of pain woke me. I saw my right hand on his chest and got it connected to my dream. Oh my gosh!! I unintentionally attacked my Hubby. I kept apologizing him for the incident. My bad...Ha-ha.

I hope these silly things I did while I was still sleeping may stop sooner or later. It has to stop before I hurt my significant other even worse...ha-ha..not funny.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You Melt My Heart

My sleepless nights ended yesterday when I finally have Hubby safely back at home. He was really tired and itchy all over. Poor him. The cold climate and the different world time had affected him much. I remembered that I was so excited to pick him up at the KLIA yesterday. I didn't even mind waking up as early as 5 AM, later left my parents' home in Perak at 6.30 AM and drove all the way to meet him.Though I was restless and worried, the moment I saw Hubby at the terminal made me all calm and joyful.

He brought home two luggage instead of one supposedly. Couldn't believe that he had shopped till he dropped. He bought some stuff for his family and I got not only one but three items. Please don't envy me Kakak. I got a pair of new LEVI'S Jeans (which really fit me well), a pair of sunglasses plus a set of SEPHORA makeup.

According to him, the SEPHORA outlet is in the middle of the NY Times Square. 

I must admit that Hubby is a really thoughtful husband. He always complains about me taking too long a time to get ready (getting dressed and put on some makeup) before outing and yet he didn't mind buying me a set of makeup. Irony.

Thanks Sayang!! You make me the happiest wife ever! Couldn't be more grateful.

This makeup palette includes 96 eyeshadows, 6 cream eyeliners, 84 lip glosses, 3 blushes, 1 bronzer, 1 mascara and 2 eyeliners. In total more than 190 colors!

Can't wait to 'conteng' my face. Or maybe become your makeup artist?? hehe..

Monday, November 21, 2011

LOL :p

I was GOOGLE-ing earlier today and I found this Funny Facebook Status that read:

When you see a man opening a car door for a woman, it can only mean 1 of 2 things. Either the car is new or the wife is. 

I guess if Hubby read this, he'd be laughing out loud too. You wanna know why?? 

When we were happily married for 3 months (which means 2 months ago), we went to the Mesra Mall together one night. He wanted to play futsal with his colleagues and as usual I tagged along as well. Once Hubby safely parked my car in the parking lot, we saw one of his colleagues got out from his car. Since it was raining, he got an umbrella ready with him. I thought he was alone but the moment he walked to the front passenger's car door and opened it, I realized that he brought his wife too. "Owh so sweet !" I was touched. The sight of the newlyweds plus the romantic gesture made me  "ooohhh..aaaahhhh...eeeeehhh" all over Hubby.

Hubby and I exchanged looks and we laughed. Realizing that he'd never done such thing romantically except when I have so many things in hands, he went out first from the car and to my surprise, opened the car door for me too. Hah!! I raised my eyebrows and he laughed sheepishly. I snickered back at him and shook my head in disbelief. Not because my Hubby is not that romantic but he seldom shows it publicly. It tickled my heart when he did open the car door for me.
Surprise surprise...

P/S: If you happen to read this Mr. S, I want to thank you very much. (truedat)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Missing Someone badly...

When you actually love someone wholeheartedly, you'll face the above situation. No Doubt. Frankly saying, for the past 6 years, I was used to a long distance relationship (Subang/ Trg) - (Perak) with my ex-bf a.k.a Hubby. Though we are miles apart, I was more than satisfied to have received his SMS and calls just to kiss away the emptiness. However, after tying the knot, somehow I become such a goody-two-shoes. I act like a shadow to him. Everywhere he goes, i ll be right behind his heels or by his side. It seems unbearable to part from him except for of course when he is off to work. The absence is killing and torturing me softly inside. Such feeling is hardly controllable.

Now I understand how my mom feels when my siblings and I are living far from her. She might not say that she misses us badly. Yet, there are times when out of the blues,  my hp rang and i found that she was on the other line. I could sense that she feels lonely. Sometimes, I admit that I do feel guilty when it took me three days or more before ringing home. Though my dad is at home to accompany her, our absence (my siblings and I) is  deafening. Speaking of one in a million.

One thing for sure....Nothing could ever replace you. Please do  appreciate and give your undivided attention to your loved ones. You'll never know what you'll be missing once they are gone.

Remember, if the absence is not filled with your presence, the love they spare for you may slowly dim and die. As you grow older, don't be sorry if you have no one but yourself.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Me and FootbaLL

Football club: Liverpool

Reason (s):
1. It'd be like committing suicide if I go for MU...(Hubby will be totally pissed off)
2. Speaking of being a supportive wife
3. I am not really fanatic about football, choosing Liverpool over others doesn't make any difference.
4. Malaysian by birth, KOPS by choice

Below are a few snapshots we took during the Asian Tour 2011 : Malaysia VS Liverpool 
(16th of July, 2011)

Whatever reasons I have, I did enjoy my time watching the football match with Hubby. I definitely would not want  to miss the chance of seeing his other side of personality.

Have you heard people use to say "Boys will be boys?" 

To have seen him act naughty  ..i mean very naughty when he was really into football is priceless.
(You know what I mean....cursing, shouting like mad, betting, and etc)

So to say, though I'm not really into football as in recognizing the players' names, faces and skills, I'd be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to take up any challenge or bet against Liverpool.

Go Liverpool, Go!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Tell you what...

Common Situation that I caught myself into

A: Try's C's favourite dish
B: sure why not (being polite) ...after tasting........Ok lah good.. (gosh, what else can be said?)
A: Do you know how to prepare it?
B: Well, kind of  not really...  (Do I have to deal with this?)  there's only two of us at home....I only prepare what D eats...
A: Well you should. You have to start learning how to cook.

Well, point taken. I admit that I rarely cook. If you had read my earlier entry, I had mentioned about it before. Even If I seemed very clumsy at washing dishes and helping others in the kitchen, doesn't mean that I am totally ZERO about anything that is related to FOOD and COOK.

Have it ever crossed their minds that (for some reasons):

I am eating alone most of the time
I could be telling them WHITE lies
I don't want to show off
I am not ready to share my portion of meals
I only cook what I want to eat
I have different taste of food
I have lack of cooking utensils
I only feel comfortable in my own kitchen
I lay low due to respecting them as the OTAIs (Old Timers) in cooking
I finally got my own kitchen
I want to stay DIET (eat less, exercise more)
I am not interested to SHARE what I cook
and bla bla bla bla bla bla bla...

Having myself listened to such thing hurts me deep down inside.
The fact that I am NOT a GOOD COOK is very well accepted.
But to have mistakenly judged for KNOWING NOTHING AT ALL is off the limit.
Teach me, show me without crticism
I'd be more than delighted to have you as my unpaid CHEF

P/S: Guess I have to start looking for a punching bag...hehe just kidding.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tribute to Shaun

Lil' ShauN <3

Bon Voyage

As Im typing this entry, my Hubby is flying to the London Heathrow Airport before he heads to the Philadelphia International Airport. My uncle's family and I sent him off at the KLIA last night.

He is away to attend a conference and I am gonna miss him this whole week. I wish I could tag along but not all wishes could be granted all the time peeps.

Uncle Mike and Chu

Hope he'd be just fine over there since now it's already snowing. My aunt, Chu and her husband, Uncle Mike will be visiting him soon and they would take Hubby to the New York City for sightseeing.

Take care dear Hubby. Have fun while you are out there.

Bon Voyage!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Venezia In Memory

        On the 31st of July 2011, the day before the 1st Ramadhan, the three of us (Mr.W, Hubby and I) woke up early in the morning around 4 AM just to get ready for our trip to Venice/ Venezia.We had to be at the train station before 5AM to catch the early bus to the Gallarate Train Station. The reason we chose to travel by bus this time was because starting August, Europe was in the mood for the Summer time. Thus, the train from Ternate to Gallarate was closed for operation due to maintenance and construction.

       Meeting Mr. W out of the apartment, the three of us started our journey of the day by walking down the dark, quiet and empty streets towards the train station. This time around I put on my white Nike sneakers instead of the green wedges shoes. Knowing that I had to do a lot of walking, giving such comfort to my feet is much more important. Hubby was all smiling from ear to ear when he saw me walking faster ahead of him. The words "I told ya" kept coming out from his mouth. His sarcasm didn't rile me up though. I swallowed it slowly and gave him a sheepish smile. "Haven't I told you I love this guy really much?" (placing my two hands on the shoulder while my eyes looking up to the sky)....LOL!!

        The moment we reached the bus stop, I checked my watch and we were absolutely on time. Yet, the bus was not in sight. Assuming that the bus operation was similar to Malaysia which is never on time, we gave it extra 10 minutes to make an appearance. We settled ourselves on the benches provided, waiting patiently while shivering due to the cold temperature.

       As time slowly passing by, I noticed that we had waited for almost an hour for the bus.....Oh crap! We had the feelings that everything we had planned would go down the drain. We had no other days and time for a trip. ~sighed~ The silence and the coldness kept us quietly rooted to the seats. I heard dogs barking in the distance and the sounds of an owl coming from somewhere in the dark sent a shiver running down my spine. What a creepy feeling. Uuuuuuuuuu!!!

        Hubby was really cold and sleepy before he decided to walk further down the street. He went too far and as he slowly disappeared down the corner of the road, I heard the sound of the expecting bus and it appeared a split second after that. Seeing the sight of the bus out of a sudden, Hubby jumped a little and he dashed towards us as fast as he can. The driver who noticed him, smiled. Though we boarded the bus one hour later than our plan, we were still lightheaded and looking forward for the trip.

        Once arriving at the Gallarate station, we ran to the particular platform to catch the early train to the Garibaldi Station. Lucky we had bought the tickets earlier the night before. The counter ticket was closed and the ticket vendor machine was not functioning. Looking at others with no tickets in their hands made me feel sorry. We had experienced the same thing too. Speaking of 'Lesson Learned.'

        Let me tell you a bit about the ticket system in Italy. Similar to Malaysia, tickets could be obtained from either the counter or the machine ticket. The only thing that is different in Malaysia is before we enter the train platform, we have to validate our ticket at the automatic gate right? We would insert the card and the blockage is cleared off once the ticket is scanned. We would retrieve the ticket and board the train without having to wait for the train conductor to approach us just so he could have our ticket validated. In Italy, cursing like crazy thanks for the less available but under maintenance ticket machines plus the only one open counter with a slow worker right behind the counter, we managed to get our tickets after lining up in a long queue. A mental torture moment. In contrary to Malaysia, before heading to the platform, we have to get the ticket validated by a small yellow ticket puncher machine which is placed nearby. It is compulsory for you to have it validated as to avoid being fined by the conductor once he checked your ticket when you are already boarded the train. Of course we do not want to spend lots of money on that right? Not a chance...

      Actually, there are two options that you can choose to go to Venice. One by the slow train which stops at every station available or another is the express train which heads straight to Venice. In our case, we accidentally bought the tickets for the slow train and we ended up spending almost 3 hours in it. To make things even worse, a group of loud students who were extremely excited to start their holidays in the summer sat together with us in the coach. Throughout the journey, all we could hear was their chit-chat and laughter. Luckily they spoke in Italian. If else, I'd be terribly dizzy. Guess I could still bear listening to a few chinese and indians speaking beside me. At least, they don't use a really high note of voice intonation.


Finally, in the train

 A very magnificent place with a beautiful view

Along the way...caught on camera

Nice seeing this isn't it?

I didn't get the chance to ride in it... :(

 Captured moment together with Hubby

 On one of the bridges 

 In between the buildings 
At one of the souvenir shops 

Truly loving and enjoying the scenery 


Among the tourists

Checking over the map looking for our way out

 I was in Venice!! Yahoo!!

 Found a halal place to eat Kebab

A wall plasted with complimentary notes

Some comments from Malaysians

Hubby was in the middle of placing our comment on the top spot

 Here's the comment that Hubby, Mr. W and I wrote

Ta-da!! Hopefully other Malaysians can read ours too

Lucky that we found the place..
I could still remember the juicy and tasty Kebab in my mouth...:p

Too bad that most of the souvenirs were expensive..if else..

 Making our way through the small streets...exploring

Too tired to walk any further...huhu

    Typical me, after I got what I wanted,no one has to force me to say "let's leave now." I'd be willing to say "Yes" due to exhaustion. Walking all over the places hurting my legs you know.

We headed back to the train station with a bag of souvenirs each. Not many things could be bought as they were so expensive. Might as well save your money instead of spending them on unnecessary items.

      While waiting for the express train, we made sure our bladders were not full. Luckily both women and men toilet  were clean. Instead of placing a cleaner sitting behind a desk in front of the toilet, there was an automatic gate right up front. We needed to get in line and prepared 80 cents in hands before having them inserted in the provided slot and the gate will automatically open for us. We can't simply walk together through the gate with someone who paid for the entry. If we did, the CCTV would caught our act on camera and further actions will be taken on us. So no tipu2 Ok.

As for the return journey, we spent only 2 hours to get back to the Garibaldi station. It was getting dark when we reached the station. It was around 11 PM and according to Mr. W, it was the time for the last bus ride back to Ternate. Lucky was on our side when the moment we stepped down on the Ternate station, Mr.W saw the sight of the bus. We hurriedly stepped down the stairs and stopped the bus just in time. We held out our money to the driver for the tickets but he refused to take. Man, weren't we so lucky? We didn't have to pay for the ride. Later, we safely arrived in Ternate and walked back to our apartments happily. What a day!!

Thank you Allah for the opportunity and experience you have given me to see more of your creations. :p

Friday, November 11, 2011

Letter to my BFF

I understand your situation at the moment.
I know what you feel, think, worry, experience....
Whenever you need my shoulder to cry on or lending my ears to listen...
I would try my best to put myself in your shoes...
No bias, no judgment, no false pretense....
As always, I'd be very careful in choosing words before they come out from my mouth....
Hurting you even deeper has never been my intention...
I just want nothing but the best for you and your life for that matter
Being single is suffocating aspecially when you are getting older...
People around you start asking lots and lots silly or even sarcastic questions just out of curiosity..
They would never shut their mouths and to have listened to such annoyance get you more depressed
You go mad by blaming yourself and others
Thinking that life isn't fair
Well maybe I dont actually really understand you...(my bad..)
The least that I could do is to say that ...
Im available whenever you need me..
I could share some pointers in your quest to seek for love
I admit that I am no expert when it comes to taste and what nots
But do trust me when I say this...
"Never judge a book by its cover" or "Looks can be deceiving"
Life is amusing.....the more you focus on the things that you dont want to have..the more it appears in life...
So stop saying what I don't want..
Stop comparing...
Instead, start experience many odds in life with an open mind...
Be as you are as I see you before...
Everything else around you could change..
But not the soul which buried deep inside you
You know what you want in life..
Fulfil your needs not others'..
Hold your chin high and walk tall
You define your own happiness

 p/s:  May Allah Bless You  \(^0^)/


I know you would say that it is just a date (rolling your eyes) ......well...I can't blame you...It is indeed true.
Yet, a date represents the day of your life for that particular year. Whatever things you do or experience during that day will be remembered later in a few years by recalling the date. So you see...this date has become special because it is easy to remember plus it is awesome!! 

It happens once in a lifetime uols!
Im still planning of what to do today with my Hubby.
Hopefully, only good things happen today.
If God is Willing. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Every Night Routines

Every night ...
If Hubby is working the evening shift (noon till midnight), I would definitely wait for him to come home from work.
It may take hours and hours of waiting.
Dinner will be served really late or not at all.
Normally Hubby would be home by 11PM, the earliest.
If he is exteremely busy, he could only leave his workplace (once his task is completed) around 3AM and the worst is at 6AM.
So far, I have not gone to bed alone....
I'd make sure that I greet him at the door with a smile plastered on my face even when I was really sleepy or exhausted at that moment.
I know that he's working hard for the two of US.
I am really glad to have a responsible husband.
He means the world to me.
I couldn't ask for more.
No matter how sleepy I am...
No matter how tired I am..
No matter how late it is...
I would serve him with some meals or maybe some drinks..
Massaging his worn-out legs...
Have a chit-chat with him...
Don't expect that I could get to sleep right away....Nah...
Since we were back from Italy, his sleeping pattern has changed drastically.
He would sleep really late after midnight ..the latest by 3AM.
He would sit in front of the big flat Sony TV screen watching football or WWE.
And I would accompany him until both of us feel the energy draining out of our bodies.
Like tonight, I am still loyal to keep him company.
I hope that I'm not aging really fast due to lack of sleep and rest.
Still..... i dont even give it a damn.
I will try my best to be a good wife to him.
I can't be selfish.
The word single is no longer exist in my life dictionary.
Well guys, I have nothing to say but rather feeling pleased.
These are my every night routines.

P/S: Love u always Hubby.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Feeling Haunted

          Still remember what I had shared about Shaun in my last entry??

I told you guys that Hubby and I had a mutual agreement on letting Shaun breaks free. Guess what??? It has been more than a week since the last time I saw him.......T__________________T sob300x!! 

        Tears would roll down my cheeks whenever I think of him. Even right now, tears already welling up in my eyes. The last time we checked, he was not even in sight...neither near the bush behind my house nor in the neighbourhood area. I had asked my students to drop me a call or send messages if they caught a glimpse of Shaun. As days passing by, our hope has slowly declining. I am no longer accompanied by Shaun through the days and nights. I miss him so much that I feel haunted by him. Pray that he would stay safe in the hands of those who kidnapped him. Or pray that his soul may rest in peace if he is no longer breathing. 

Ya Allah, please forgive me for my wrong doing. 
Forgive me ya Allah, forgive me ya Allah.

Newsflash: Saved By The Bell

      If I didn't ask my Hubby to take me out shopping for the groceries, I might expose myself to danger. The deadly centipede invaded our house through the sliding door. It kept itself hidden in between the sliding door and the short woods I used to fit the gap of the rails.
      As usual, I would be the one to switch off any electricity plugs, windows and doors. When I was pushing the sliding doors shut, the sudden jerk of the doors and the woods on the rails made it jumped out and nearly touched my feet. Thank god that my reflection was fast. ~Phew~I leaped backward and out of terror, I screamed at the top of my lung. Hubby at the moment was already at the front door, putting on his slippers. For crying out loud, he scolded me instead without knowing what was the reason that I screamed in the first place.I told him about what I saw and he hurriedly getting inside and took the sharp new long parang. He searched for the centipede and pressed the tip of the parang hard on the centipede's middle once he got a hold on it. I on the other hand, took one of the short woods and started hitting on it like mad. 

      God knew how hard its body was. My hard thump didn't even smashed its body!! Speaking of the Devil..I sprayed Ridsect gas all over it. Unfortunately, it was still moving uncontrollably. Hubby pushed it outside of the house with the parang he had in his hand. The next thing he did was trying to cut off the centipede's head. Tell you was really tough to do so. The head was so chewy that it took Hubby about more than 3 minutes to have it ripped apart.

      If Shaun was still around, he would be dead by now. The centipede's sting may end my life as well. Lucky that I was saved by the bell. 

Thank you Allah. 
Thank you Allah.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Trip To Milano

         The first weekend in Italy was spent in the Milano city. We took a train at the Ternate station and stepped down at the Garibaldi train station.I was warned by Hubby not to bring my handbang or any bags in particular. Should there be unexpected things to happen when we were in the city, at least I have my important documents and mobile phone closed to my body. We had to take precautions as to avoid from being robbed by the nasty people, especially at the underground train platform. Random people may come up to you and the next thing u know, your wallet would be gone. So beware if you happen to be there in Milano yourself. Don't talk to strangers. Use your mother tongue (Malay) rather than conversing in Engllish. Gimme a break.. When they approach you, you pretend that you do not even understand a single word they say. Like seriously ....If you fail to do so, you'll be surprised of what they are going to do after cheating on you.
I do not exaggerate on this. It is true, indeed. Rolling my eyes twice

          Two of Hubby's colleagues (who had been in Milano before we had), each of them had a story to tell. One lost his 1000 euro which equals to RM4000. He kept his wallet in his front pocket. He didn't even realize that it was gone the moment it happened. When he did, it was too late to do anything. Another colleague was cheated when he excitedly accepted the offer given by one of the Bangladesh (who are scattered everywhere in the city selling crap) to feed the not hungry hungry pigeons. He handed over his camera to the Bangladesh for a shot or two with the birds. Once he was done with the posing, he asked for his camera back but the Bangladesh demanded to be paid with 20 euro (RM 80++). If not, the camera will not be returned to him. Surprise....surprise......

Enough said. Let the pictures do the talking.

The famous Catheral of Milan

Bicycles for rent

Some shots from the scenes

We went on foot through the buildings

Some of the spotted vehicles

There are many boutiques that I felt keen to enter namely Gucci, LV, Prada n etc...But I'm not up to that standard of living in luxury yet...someday, i'll fulfil this particular doubt about it. Insyallah.

For the moment I spent in the Milano City, all I could do was snapping a few pictures right outside of the boutiques as remembrance. That's the only FREE things that i love to do. CLICK!
                  CLICK!                   CLICK!                 CLICK!

Felt like a SuperStar. Ngee...!!

Majority of the local people love to go cycling all over the places in the city. I love to see the culture that they adopt. Less cars on the road means less air pollution. Don't we just love the idea?

Time to get back to the Montelago Hotel in Ternate. I had so much fun during my sightseeing in the city. I was glad that I bought myself a pair of long khakis at the price of 10 euro. 

Though I hurt my ankle wearing that green wedges shoes, I didn't feel exhausted for I had enjoyed every second I had spent in the city. Thank you Hubby for the opportunity and thank you Mr.W for taking the lead as a guide. haha...:p

P/S: This journal entry is dedicated to my future children. Hopefully this will help to referesh my memories once im aging. :p