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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life in the past 2 and +++ years

The moment I decided to further my Master in TESL, life has changed completely ever since. Continuous assignments ~ piles and piles of unfinished workload ~ time management failed ~ less of entertainment ~ successfully maintain the eye bags ~ communication broke down~ and the list goes on and on!

I was like pulling my hair most of the time due to stress. Not only that my time spent with family and friends were limited but I had lack of sleep and rest. Plus, traveling at such distance from Perak to Bangi every single week without fail totally got on my nerve. Thank god that back then I had my used to be Boyfriend a.k.a Hubby lived in Subang. The desire to see him had driven me on course. I never skipped classes (well almost). :p

Unlike some brilliant and I must say lucky students, I had no scholarship. I used my own money for the traveling and study fees. So just imagine how I felt everytime the money drained out uncontrollably before the end of every month. It was totally SUCK!!

Well, I went with the flow. Semester after semester, I was able to stay motivated to complete my Master. I guess I have cried more than a thousand times. Nobody really understood what I had gone through in the past few years.

Now, everything has started to pay off. I'm glad that I dared enough to challenge myself up to this point. The end of this October 2012, I would be attending my second convocation!! Yeahhh!! I could say that it is going to be one of my best moments in life!

Thank you Hubby for always being there for me!! Thank you Mak and Abah for believe in me!! Thank you kakak for your never ending moral support. Thank you lil bro for your inspiration. Thank you aunts and uncles for your hospitality and support. I would not have any other place to go if you guys didn't allow me to sleepover at your houses. Thanks for everything!! 

Now I AM FREE!!! Really hope that PHD cert will be in my hands soon. I'm still waiting for the opportunity to chase after it. Insyallah. May the force be with me.

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