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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills

Such a breathtaking view! This is the place where I brought Hubby for our second honeymoon. Last year he took me to Italy while he was having a two-week course. This year I had him tagged along while I was having my 4-day course. Sounds fair enough? haha..Not really I guess. Well... I couldn't afford to spend lotsa money in France but a French-themed village and hotel are far better than not going anywhere. Don't you agree?

On the second day, I took the opportunity to pay the Japanese Village a visit. I was so eager to wear a Kimono with my colleague, Siti Syaziani that I didn't want to go elsewhere. Although we arrived quite late, the Chinese lady who worked at the Japanese house didn't shoo us away.

[The truth is, she was about to close the house before she gave in to our beg] tsk-tsk-tsk

Look at the pic below. It was taken outside of the Japanese house. FYI, if it is considered normal to walk around in public places by wearing such cloth here in Malaysia, I would have worn it long long time ago. It is a good way to hide my spare tyres and love handles. hehe.

Playing hide and seek. :p 

 Konni Chi wa!!


My last day in Colmar Tropicale was spent on snapping pics with my new friends. 

 We were glad that we accepted the offer to attend the course. The hotel room is fine and the foods are tasty.

Hopefully in the near future, I would bring my family members to this place. How about you?

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