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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Future Successful Businesswomen

Since almost everyone today runs online businesses, my partner in crime and I had decided to do the same. We thought of the idea over a week and walla..... the name chosen for our lil business is 'Schanista House'. Our very first product items are baju kurungs made and designed by the De' Alfa boutique.
This one taken at the Residence's Cafe

I invested some money and we later created a page in the facebook. Whoever feels interested to find out more about the items on sale go GOOGLE it.

My share partner lives in Kuantan and to make it easy for us to meet, Cherating has been chosen as the most appropriate place for a business meeting.

Though our business is considered small, the desire to expand it to the next level is larger than our pocket money uols. hehe...

Alhamdulillah, the meeting went well. Before departed, we sneaked into Tanjung Inn, Cherating for our very own crazy photoshoot session.

The entrance of the Tanjung Inn




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