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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Aaron Firdaus Campbell is here in Malaysia

Aaron who is now almost 8 month-old weighing around 10.5 kg. That's pretty heavy for such a young baby. His energy is unexpectedly strong. If you have to hold him like Hubby did in the above picture, you have to be alert most of the time. He might lunged forward all in a sudden without you expecting it. 

All family members spoke to him in Bahasa Malaysia as we would like him to be exposed to his mummy's mother tongue. So far, I guess he understood our gestures and chit chat. 

Urgghhh...u r sooooo heavy

This picture was taken right before he was put in his 'buaian'....we made a ceremony for Perak we call it 'Majlis Tarik Buai' which is totally different with Terengganu's 'Majlis cukur pala a.k.a Majlis Cukur Kepala.' Different name but the same old tradition. 

Say KAKI!!

We are cousins 

The ceremony went well, alhamdulillah. Poor Aaron, he was all dressed up in a cute Baju Melayu but later he ended up wearing nothing other than his diaper due to hot weather.

 I had to hold a small fan to cool him off

Aaron was all smiling at Opah

 Aaron and his mummy

Welcome to Malaysia Aaron!! I believe there would be days in the future when you are much older, you would find it more interesting and happening to be back to your mummy's motherland.

P/S: If you are reading this entry Uncle Mike, we can't wait to meet you in person next year!! If god willing!

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