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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Da' Cheapest Lights and Fans!!

Let's have a close look at the picture above. You have to remember the place for it will be the place where your dreams can come true.  Haha....though it sounds like I exaggerate a lil bit but you won't believe it if I tell you that Hubby and I had saved lotsa money on them lights and fans. 

Moving into a new house demands an enormous budget so you have to be smart at shopping.

I was so excited to set foot in here  It is not that hard to find this place.

The moment I walked in, I saw many types, designs and colours of lights that surely will make you agape and your eyes getting bigger and soon you'll see dark spots everywhere due to looking straight at them bright and shining lights.

Take a look at the shots that I had captured while I walked down the aisle back and forth. I became quite frantic when choosing over the options that were laid in front of me. In my mind's eye, I had certain styles I wanted to have in my home deco but some were clashed with Hubby's interest. Uh-Oh. Guess what? The moment Hubby stood his ground which was against my will, I had started making faces and he as expected gave me a stern look. We ended up quarreling. This is the truth. YES! I WARN U!

Check out the price for the fans!! 

 You will not be getting the same price elsewhere. 
(If you do, don't forget to share with me)

Customers who came in and joined the search of purchasing their own desired lights. 

A workstation specially made to check every ordered  item before requesting the customers to pay the bills.

Everybody kept looking up and don't be surprised if you end up straining your neck too much. 

Really love these type of chandeliers but I was not strong enough to say YES YES YES to Hubby.
 So NEXT!!

See the one in blue? Well we agreed on that particular design and later bought 3 of them but all in white colour of course.

A customer was in the middle of settling the bills at the counter. 

The chinese boy who stood next to Hubby was the one who helped us throughout the whole process. But he was not that good. I guessed either he was the son of the owner or he was a rookie.

Look what we had come out with!!


Getting all boxes fit into the car. 

Tell you what, the inside of the car was towered by the boxes. Hubby's seat had to be pushed a lil bit closer towards the steering wheel. Oh boy! He couldn't drive all the way in such position from Puchong to Terengganu. So we switched places. I drove all the way back.

Though we spent lotsa money at the 'Houses Lightings', we were smiling from ear to ear feeling satisfied with what we got for our new home. Hope you guys would feel the same way too. Enjoy shopping!!!

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